Longevity Zero

We are a global consultancy providing professional data, energy and net-zero services for clients globally.

Our Services

With over 14 years’ experience, Longevity Zero are professional and innovative environmental consultants serving clients across the built environment.

Our approach is based on our vast experience and subject matter expertise, data-driven insight and innovation to provide clients with a truly world-class environmental consultancy service from our London Head Office.

We have experience working with clients in all major sectors including financial services, manufacturing, IT and technology, government, pharmaceutical, healthcare and local authorities. Our environmental consultancy practice in London supports clients in a range of services, including:

Energy management – we purchase energy for our clients across Europe as well as support on the administration of energy contracts (e.g. bill validation and risk analysis). We also help clients optimise energy usage from assets and buildings.

Carbon management and net zero– we help clients understand and management their carbon impacts and implement science-based targets (SBT) to drive their business to a low carbon mindset.

ESG Services – we help businesses improve their ESG ratings and work with financial institutions to identify climate risk and exposure of different asset classes and businesses.

Climate exposure and adaptation – we work with clients to understand their climate exposure and build resilience.

Environmental management – we support clients on managing environmental impacts, for example by implementing ISO140001 systems. Our Environmental consultants in London can undertake gap assessments as well as implement systems for our clients.

Sustainability assessments – we provide a range of service covering life-cycle assessments (LCA), sustainable transport strategies.

Reporting and verification service – we work with clients to deliver a wide range of certification and reporting needs covering ISO50001, ISO14001, GHG Protocol and CDP programmes.

Circular Economy thinking – we believe closing the loop presents end to end opportunities to innovative business operations and maximise resource usage and minimise waste.

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